there are two disappointed kids who missed seeing the blood moon.
there is a husband driving in pain to work in pain.
there are candles lit in the fireplace.
there is extra coffee.
there is a boy freed from his cast.
there is a girl whose smile lights up the world.
there is a boy whose mind never stops dreaming up Lego creations.
there is a husband and a wife who are so confused and so uncertain of the future, and yet are together and are so full of hope.
there is no school until Tuesday.
there is a trip to the library in store.
there is a new understanding of the gospel.
there are hard conversations happening.
there are things still unresolved.
there are the words of a friend reminding me to abide.
there are yoga pants.
there are floors that desperately need to cleaned.
there are clothes that need to be put away.
there are hash browns and eggs with ketchup.
there are free-flowing thoughts and prayers and tears.
there is the music of Indelible Grace.
there are sneezes resulting from freshly ground pepper.
there are so many reminders that I am not the center of the universe, and that every act of love is a reenactment of the death of Jesus.




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