DSC_0001I have this feeling today. It’s a feeling like a fog is lifting, like a burden is being lessened, like a flame is being reignited, like my perspective is changing, like something that was overwhelming me is being removed. I can’t think of a better word to describe this feeling but grace. And after all, what else is there but grace?

Today, grace looks like…

granola, tortilla soup, tacos for dinner, and meals planned and shopped for all week long.

more patience with my children.

losing interest in both Facebook and Instagram.

hanging Christmas lights in the living room.

hosting our small group, and being really excited about it.

my mom happily showing up in my dreams 3 times in 5 nights.

the always incredible words of Anne Lamott, the encouraging words of Emily Freeman.

Today, grace looks like God loosening my grip on something that has been identifying me for the past two years. He’s shifting my focus from what I’m losing to what I’m gaining. And one thing I’m gaining is even more of him.


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