My children are one of the most powerful ways that God teaches me more about Himself. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how very persistent they are.

Specifically, they are persistently hungry.


No, really. I’m not misusing that word. Literally.Always.Hungry. If I go 5 minutes without hearing, “Mom, I’m hungry.” or “Mom, can I have a snack?” I know something is wrong or they are asleep.

When Sam was diagnosed with diabetes, a lot changed for us. Because Sam can’t just eat whatever he wants whenever he wants it, neither can his brother or sister. We don’t allow our kids to wander in and out of the fridge or cabinets, helping themselves to snacks. Sam’s life literally depends on us keeping track of what he eats. So if any of my children want something to eat, they ask. And ask. And ask.

As you can imagine, it wears on my patience. I’m an imperfect, utterly selfish human being.

Thankfully, I serve a God who is neither of those things. He bids me to come to Him as a child. If I’m taking my cues from my own children, that means persistently, dependently, unreservedly, pleading, and with complete faith that I will be heard, accepted, and not pushed aside.

Of course, I don’t always tell my children, “Yes” when they ask for food. Sometimes it’s not what’s best for them. Sometimes I know the future- that dinner is in 10 minutes. I ask them to trust me. I ask them to remember that I’ve never let them starve. I ask them to remember how I always take care of them. Their memories are pretty short, because they often doubt that those things are true.

It seems I’m already a lot like my children.


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