I love making New Year’s Resolutions. Last year I started calling them goals instead of resolutions, hoping to take off some of the pressure and to remove the inevitability of failure. I did…okay.

  • Use what I have before getting more (specifically journals, notebooks, stationery, etc.)
  • Don’t eat anything out of a package (started off strong, and seriously fell off the wagon)
  • Listen to podcasts again, in the car and on walks (had a good run with this, but stopped at some point)
  • Don’t let diabetes (my son has Type-1) stop me from making things (I still don’t bake as much as I used to/want to)
  • Break the 50 books in a year mark (YES!)
  • Make a special Christmas dinner (last year we ate McDonald’s on Christmas, due to my poor planning. This year, I got a migraine and I have no idea what they ate.)
  • Individual date nights with husband and kids (had a weekly Starbucks date with my husband for a while- need to start that back up (Spencers!!!), and did pretty good at getting semi-regular dates with the kids)
  • Become a diaper-free house (my daughter is pretty stubborn in this area. Wearing them at night is good enough for me, for now.)
  • Find a hobby that’s just for me (this one really ties into the whole passion thing and goes hand in hand with a goal for 2015)
  • Be intentional during the summer (I think I did okay with this one. I hate the hot months, and can quickly hibernate and let the kids watch movies all day. I’m sure there was some of that, but it wasn’t a completely wasted summer. I think…)

Here’s something I’ve noticed about myself when it comes to goals and plans. I love thinking about them, and sometimes seem to believe that simply thinking about them makes them come about. I read an article about working out, and my mind is so powerful, I can actually convince myself that I reaped some physical benefits just by reading about moving my muscles. I browse through blog articles about organization and clearing clutter, and expect that when I look up, my house will be clean and clear. I have thought extensively about writing a memoir, and am surprised to hear that you haven’t read it yet.

I’m working on my goals for 2015, and among them are some serious writing plans.

Blogging regularly is on the list, as is exercising the idea of Morning Pages, but the biggest (most terrifying, most seemingly impossible) goal?

To write that memoir. To do the work, sit in the reading room, and write out the story that God has written and is writing in my life.


Happy New Year, friends. Here’s to dreaming big in 2015 and giving yourself the grace to “never stop starting.”


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