It’s January 5th, and I’m still thinking about and writing about goals.

The thing about goals is they can be both motivating and soul-crushing at the same time. At least, that’s been my experience. I set my sights on something, and in the back of my head I hear, “You know that’s impossible, right? You’ll fail.” Sometimes the simple act of goal-setting seems futile, because that voice inside is usually spot-on.

“You didn’t go on regular dates with your kids. Life is too busy. Just give up.”

“You only listened to maybe a dozen podcasts in the year. And you still don’t know anything about ‘Serial.'”

“You really got carried away with the crackers…”

I’m just not good at showing myself grace.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard is from my pastor and his wife. It’s short, simple, and profound, and it’s perfect to keep in mind as we set our goals for the new year.

“Never stop starting.”

Those three words are so full of grace. They recognize the inevitability of “failure” and yet give encouragement to keep going. My goals and resolutions don’t have to be just for one year. If I’ve chosen wisely, they can be on-going motivators for the rest of my life! Scratching something off the list shouldn’t be the goal. Becoming a more authentic person should be. Becoming a more grace-filled person should be. Pursuing good, beautiful, truthful things should be.

It’s January 5th, and I’m still thinking about goals, and I might be for quite some time. It’s better than being stagnant and okay with just coasting through my days.

Never stop starting, friends.


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