DSC_0150When I started working for my church two years ago, my pastor/boss had me sit down and write out a Why statement. I was the first person to do this job, so I wrote a job description, a list of my various tasks, and my goals. But he was a total stickler about this Why statement. The idea behind it comes from Simon Sinek’s great book, “Start with Why,” and the title gives you the general idea. Start with why you are doing something, not what you’re doing or how you’re doing it, and keep that Why in mind at all times.

After multiple drafts of my Why statement, we settled upon this:
Love and care for people so people will love and care about City Pres.

My duties as the Administrative Assistant were vast and random at times. Mailing letters, editing blog posts and weekly emails and bulletins, writing checks, ordering supplies, sending flowers, organizing events…I did whatever I could to help get stuff done. But why I did those things was what mattered. My purpose- my Why- was to make people feel loved and cared for.

As I have started to work on my book, it was my husband who reminded me to start with Why. He asked me why I was writing a book. To be honest, his question caught me off guard and might have pissed me off a little, simply because I hadn’t even asked myself that question. I hadn’t started with WHY.

So the very next morning, I did. I started thinking and praying about why I wanted to write this story.
I know it will be a cathartic experience.
I believe it will bring me clarity and healing.
I trust that it is a story that God wants the world to hear.

But here’s WHY I’m writing it:
to bring more hope, more grace, and more freedom to everyone who reads it.

That’s it.

When I told my husband my Why and then told him the overall theme of my book, I told him that I wanted other moms to hear my story and to feel hopeful. He replied, “That’s not just a message for moms. That’s a message everyone needs to hear. Sitting here right now, hearing you talk, I can see things in a different light and I feel more hopeful.”

Start with Why.


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