I was sick with a nasty head cold over the weekend. On Friday, I was asleep before the sun went down, so my husband made sure I didn’t miss the glorious sunset. He knows how much I love them.

I didn’t get out of bed at all on Saturday, so it was a very pleasant surprise on Sunday to see a clean kitchen, a picked up living room, and the dining/Lego/homeschool/art project table cleared off. Usually when I go down, the kids are kept alive but the house goes to pot. It meant a lot that he made the extra effort. I noticed in particular that he did a better job than I do at keeping the dishwasher working for us instead of the other way around. He would run a load, empty it, and refill it, so it was always ready when we needed it. It’s a simple thing, really, but I’m pretty lazy about emptying it (and wet Tupperware is my nemesis) so I’m usually frustrated when it’s time to make dinner and the kitchen is a mess because I never unloaded the clean dishes from the night before and there is a day’s worth of dirty dishes all over the place.

However, if I may nit-pick for a moment, I noticed that he cleaned down to the surfaces but didn’t clean the surfaces themselves. He would clear off the kitchen counter of all the peanut butter-covered knives, the empty yogurt cups, and the cheese stick wrappers, but there would be crumbs and stickiness left behind. I wasn’t frustrated, I promise. It made me smile, and made me think of how different we are, and yet how well we work together.

I notice details. He doesn’t.
He gets the kids to clean up their own messes. I’d rather have it done right, so I do it myself (with plenty of sighing and guilt-tripping along the way).
I leave the Tupperware on a towel on the counter to drip dry and then put it away hours later. He uses the same towel to dry it and put it away immediately.

We need each other. We’re a team. We’ve got blind spots, but we’ve got someone right there with us to point them out to us in a loving and edifying way. When one of us goes down, the other one is fully capable of keeping the ship afloat, but we sure do miss our co-pilot in the mean time. (Pardon the mixed metaphors…)


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