Keri and Jason's Monterey wedding

For the 40 weeks you carried me, and the hours you labored to bring me into the world.

For all the pot roasts you made because we loved them, despite the fact that you hated them.

For the countless hours spent taxiing us around.

For being my coach and always demanding I try my best.

For instilling in me a love of books and reading and writing.

For the gift of humor.


For my ear for harmony and the gift of singing.

For loving my children and always wanting them around you.

For never saying no when I asked you to babysit.

For your incredible generosity.

For teaching me to throw like a girl.

For supporting my decision to quit sports and pursue drama.

For coming to every performance I was in.

For encouraging me to dream big and to work hard.

Scan 1-2

For making birthdays special.

For teaching me to play cards.

For making me wait so long to shave my legs and wear makeup.

For so many memories filled with laughter.

For being my Mom, and for everything that goes into that (because it can’t all be remembered or named),

Thank you.



One thought on “Fifty-five

  1. Missing that lady so much! You have beautiful memories with a beautiful mom. What I wouldn’t give to chat with her one more time! Thinking of you this month.


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