For many reasons, it was not the time to leap on the green door house. Besides the projects at our own home, my husband’s job was no longer providing for us as it once was. He was averaging 3 days of work a week, and often less. While that gave us plenty of time together as a family and allowed him the freedom to attend events at the boys’ school and to join us on trips to the zoo or museum, we both knew that this style of life couldn’t continue. While the freedom of his schedule was amazing, he was no where close to his ideal situation of living, working, and churching in the same city.

Through various connections, he heard about a non-profit clinic near our church that serves the community by providing healthcare services. They were looking to start a physical therapy clinic and needed someone to create it and run it. One of our pastors immediately thought of my husband and put him in touch with the clinical director. They chatted, they met, and my husband shared his heart for loving Oklahoma City in this way. He told him that his prayer with his own business had always been to love and serve our community. He said that he felt as if all of the confusion of losing the business and working home health in a different city were all part of the path God was leading him on to this job in this place at this time.

We prayed that this was the case. We prayed that God intended for him to work at this clinic, helping and serving a sector of the community who so desperately needed the help but couldn’t afford it. Our pastors prayed. Our CityGroup prayed. Our families prayed. And we waited. He continued to drive to Lawton a few times a week, but his heart was already moving on to the next phase; this phase that seemed so obvious to be the next part of God’s plan.

So when we finally got the call that the clinic was not able to get the funding they needed in order to make a hire, and we were told that it could be another year before they could even revisit the idea, we were pretty devastated. Confused. Hurt. Fearful.

And then Springtime arrived with a vengeance, and our state, our city, and our neighborhood were hit hard by the Oklahoma storms.


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