“Tornadoes never hit Norman. They always hit Moore.” -my husband

Famous last words.

For Oklahoma, May was a crazy roller-coaster of damaging storms and tornadoes. We spent more than one evening at our friends’ house, ready to retreat to their storm shelter if needed. And more than once, as we sat in our friends’ living room glued to the weather map on the screen, we saw storms head straight for our neighborhood. It was unbelievable.

There were flash flood warnings every other day. The rain was torrential and unlike anything I had ever seen before. It.just.kept.coming. One night the hail was so loud we just knew major damage was being done. We lost power and spent two days trapped inside our neighborhood, thanks to intense straight line winds that knocked down power lines all along our street.

We prayed for a break. Not just for ourselves, but for our city and our state.

It’s hard to be thankful for something as damaging and deadly as massive storms, but they turned out to be an amazing blessing and God’s provision for us. Our home sustained significant damage to the roof, gutters, windows, patio cover, and fence. Insurance covered the replacement of all of those things. Our calico colored home, that my husband had started to repaint, was finished for us. We were able to replace damaged carpet and freshen up the paint in areas where water had leaked in.

There was still plenty of work to be done, but we were that much closer to having our home ready to sell. My husband started using his precious days off to work on the house. When you decide to sell, all of the “little” projects are overwhelming. We had spent the last 7 years living in our home; just living, not working on it.

Although it was in no way ours, we used the green house door as motivation as we worked. We painted and repaired and cleaned and scrubbed, looking forward that much more to moving into a “brand new” place that wouldn’t require any work from us. We could almost taste it.

Of course…my husband still needed a new job.


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