11406775_10153878971299881_5506947557043576359_nEven before he heard back from the clinic, my husband had already sent his resumé to a few other places that were  looking for PT’s. He had an interview with a clinic affiliated with a large hospital just north of the city and it went really well. One of the women who interviewed him actually graduated from the same small, private PT school in Kansas City that my husband attended. Once again, our hopes were high for this job.

My husband was initially less excited about the idea of this hospital job because the area and demographic was much different from the non-profit. He spoke to a guest speaker at our church and came away very encouraged that “those” people need Jesus (and physical therapy!) just as much as the poorer demographic that he thought he would be serving. The more he thought about the job, the more excited he got.

So when the clinic made an inside hire and he was turned down, it was back to confused, hurt feelings. What on earth was God doing?

He was preparing him for a better place.

The same woman that he had clicked with in the first interview called him about a position that had opened up in a clinic at another hospital, about 20 minutes closer to the THE HOUSE. She wanted him to interview for the position.

There have been very few, if any, times in my life that I have prayed fervently for something so specific. When my husband got this interview, I began to ask God specifically that this would be the job. I prayed that this was the place for him, and I asked everyone I knew (on Facebook) to join me in praying the same prayer. We both felt that this job was the key to the green door house becoming a real possibility.

When his interview began, the texts from friends and family were rolling in and I was overcome with gratitude at the community surrounding us in prayer. I was on my face in tears, begging God to bless my husband and his time with the clinic directors. I poured out my heart and asked God earnestly to give him the job. As I prayed, I also thought of every person behind every text, every friend behind every Facebook and Instagram like and I prayed that our story would become an amazing testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness to each one of them.

So when the news came that he got the job, it was even more thrilling to share, because I knew there were even more people waiting to rejoice with us. And since it had worked so well, I asked for specific prayers again. This time I asked everyone to join us in praying for the green door house to be ours.


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