Seventy-five (Numbered Weekends)

IMG_0232Trying my hand at something new today- a round-up of links I’ve enjoyed this week and what I’m reading and/or watching right now.

From Edie @ Life in Grace: I adore Edie. Her posts never fail to inspire and encourage me.
When you take care of her, everything else will be okay.  When you focus on her and when you listen to her and when you make sure she has what she needs, your needs will be met without you even noticing.
I heard this at a talk one time and it burned itself into my brain—and I paraphrase, “There are two types of people – those who walk into a room and say: ‘Here I am!’ and those who walk into a room and say: ‘There you are.’”

From Stephanie Bryant @ the (in)courage blog: I texted this one to my husband because it was such a timely post for us. I’ve all but lost hope that our house is going to sell and we will be able to follow this move to OKC, which we believe God wants for us.
But when you hear clearly from God and you see Him changing your circumstances to create the vision He shared earlier, you stay the course. It may take months or many years to see the change you so fervently pray for — even one small step in the direction of His vision — but you trust Him and the dream He created and planted.”

From Nina @ Shalom Mama: As I’ve been talking (to death) about self-care and passions and life-giving things, it was great to come across this post.
“Function is great and all, but what about beauty? What about the simple pleasures in life that make the difference between a drab, purely functional life and a beautiful one filled with wonder?”

From Emily @ Chatting at the Sky: She and I seem to be exploring some of the same ideas right now.
“What events, circumstances, or activities are life-giving and which ones are life-draining?

I’m “mostly” ditching Facebook for the month of September because it most certainly falls into the “life-draining” category for me. Honestly, I feel a difference already. I’ve also incorporated a new book and the spiritual discipline of writing a reaction to each days’ reading. I usually read very quickly and never really interact with what I read. I want to change that.

What I’m reading and watching now:

For the Love, by Jen Hatmaker– just as everyone is telling you, it’s hilarious and inspiring and encouraging and hilarious. So hilarious.

Rising Strong, by Brene Brown– I read the introduction and know it’s going to be amazing, but I can’t seem to make myself read it. I better start though, because I only have it from the library for another week.

Parenthood, Season 2– I watched this show from day 1 to the very end but have never rewatched it until now. I forgot how amazing it was from the very beginning, and I appreciate it even more because I know how it all ends. And Lauren Graham? So incredible.

Have a great {long!} weekend, friends. For me it will be filled with football watching (or, more likely, reading in a room where football is being watched), iced coffee, and time with my people. Enjoy.

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