Of all the helpful things I say as a mother, this isn’t one of them: “Change your face.”

Granted, I often say it in jest, but truly, it’s not helpful. It certainly doesn’t get at heart issues when I’m literally asking a child to change their outward appearance.

I was convicted recently about my need to “change my face.” I’m surrounded by a wonderful community of people who have been following along with this story of our move to OKC and so I am constantly being asked, “What’s the latest on the house? How’s the house selling going?” And my response 99% of the time has been a severe eye roll, a deep sigh, or a scrunched up face of disappointment.

I might need to change my face, but truly, I need God to change my heart. 

My sweet four-year-old daughter prays often that she would have “a heart for Jesus.” This desire comes from her own little mind and heart and it is one of the most amazing prayers I’ve ever heard. We got a chance to talk about what that means this weekend, after she got in trouble for the third time in a short span for being mean to her brother. We talked about how having a heart for Jesus means we think of others more than we think of ourselves. It means showing love to our family. It means sacrifice.

It means trusting that God’s plan and God’s timing is best. It means not giving up hope that this is ever going to happen simply because it hasn’t happened yet.

It means remembering that we feel that God is calling us to OKC. It’s not just another of my husband’s dreams and schemes. If it is God asking us to do this, then God will make a way.

We are called to wait and to trust.


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