A conversation with John, around the middle of May: “I’m calling to tell you that I got an offer on the house. He’s offering me $5,000 over my asking price, but he’s asking me to do a lot more work than I’m willing to do for $5,000. Besides, every time I think about this house, I think about your family.”

My husband, around the middle of July: “Our house hasn’t sold, so I’m just touching base to see what your timeline looks like. Originally you thought you’d be finished around mid-July, and I understand that once it’s finished, you will want/need to sell it. We’d like to enter into a contingency agreement with you if we can.”
John: “As far as I’m concerned, this house is yours. My wife feels the same way. We really want your family there.”

Nothing about buying a home in OKC has gone how we expected. Just a year ago, houses in the areas we were looking were barely even on the market before being snatched up. We heard incredible stories from friends who “just happened” to meet someone who “just happened” to be selling a home and they were able to get into an incredible area.

The green door house sits on the outer edge of this same popular, beautiful area of OKC. Houses go pretty quickly. John was always upfront with us about how many requests he gets about the house. He shows it multiple times a week and fields phone calls regularly. And yet…besides that one offer…nothing.

As I kept recounting those conversations to friends at church, my confidence grew that this is just God’s plan. That’s the only explanation for why this beautiful home in this beautiful area hasn’t been bought up from under us.

Multiple people have asked me what we will do if our house sells quickly and the green door house isn’t ready yet. While we would almost prefer that dilemma, the stress of that situation hasn’t had to enter our minds even once. God’s timing is perfect. I don’t doubt that we will understand that in an even deeper way when all is said and done.

Just this week, my husband checked in with John for a timeline update. For various reasons, the new finish date of October 1 isn’t going to happen. So while that means I might have to locate our fall/winter clothing in the boxes in the garage, that also means that we still don’t to have to stress, worry, or fret about our situation. Our home will sell. It will. To the right people at the right time. And we have confidence that when it does, the green door house will be ours.

So we wait. We pray, and we are surrounded by others who are praying on our behalf. When we despair, when we doubt, when we fear that it’s never going to happen, we call one another to faith. We ask for patience.

I really can’t wait for the day I get to share the next chapter of this story with you. I hope I’m typing it from my red desk in a sun-filled front room in a little house with a bright green door.


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