IMG_5423My husband’s favorite movie is Dead Poet’s Society. He’s probably seen it a few dozen times, though never with me. Perhaps he still doesn’t like to openly weep in front of me. I’ve been thinking this week about the scene where Professor Keating stands on top of his desk to remind the boys to regularly look at things in a different way.

It’s silly, but I’ve had the opportunity to look at things in a different way after I brought in some counter stools over the weekend that we bought for the green door house. I sold a lot of our furniture over the summer, in anticipation of having less space in the new house, and I used that money to purchase the stools. The kitchen in the new place has room for my three monkeys to sit at the counter,  which I’ve always wanted and am really looking forward to.

I’ve started sitting there in the mornings with my coffee and journal and bible and have spent more time in prayer lately as a result. I’ve been regularly reading  a more modern version of the scriptures, and I’ve been struck by the way verses I’m very familiar with can seem completely new. My bible study leader encouraged us to pray a scripture for people every day, praying God’s word back to him. I can do that from the dining room table, from a chair in the living room, or from my desk in the office, but I hadn’t been.

When I started sitting in a new place, I started to view my mornings differently. 

Professor Keating was spot on. Looking at things in a different way is so very important for me. A new perspective on a story I already know well can change my life. A fresh perspective on how to love like Jesus can convict and encourage and inspire. And, praise God, every week I hear the gospel and it never gets old and I never get to a point where I don’t need to hear it. Coffee with a friend or a beer with my husband or a conversation with someone in my community can serve the same purposes. A fresh perspective. An outsiders view. A new way of looking at life.

How can you look at things in a different way today?



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