His timing is not always perfect, but on Tuesday my husband said something that clicked something into place for me.

For the past few days I’ve been asking him to help me focus on what’s good about our current situation, because I’m struggling to see the good. We are in between places right now. We are not fully here, in our current home, but we are certainly not yet in our new home. (It’s still not even our home!) We are about a third of the way through Financial Peace University but have just begun working on our budget and trying to stick to it. We are bumping up against the way we’ve always done things and this new, wiser, better way of doing things.

So Tuesday, after a long day that left me weary and drained of hope, I asked him to help me see the good in this waiting period. After saying something about the beautiful fall weather we’re having, and the three healthy kids we have, and the food we were enjoying for dinner (and enduring my eye rolling), he replied, “I’m really glad we’re not living in the time before Jesus was born.”

I felt like that came out of left field a bit, so I asked him to explain what he meant. He said it must have been incredibly difficult to live with the promise of a Savior and a Messiah and not to know when He was coming. It must have been awful to live expectantly but die before He came. It must have been similar to the Israelites, freed from their slavery and looking forward to the promised land, stuck wandering in the desert for 40 years.

He’s right. Living through this in between time with our homes really pales in comparison, and there are plenty of good things about it. We are praying more. We are sharing our story and our situation more freely, and are therefore being prayed for more, as well. We are less tied down to all of our stuff, because it’s all housed in boxes in the garage, so we are learning how to be minimalists almost by accident. It’s easier to clean up the house. Because of the Financial Peace classes, we’ve already implemented some changes that will impact not only the home-buying process, but our future as well.

We are living expectantly, and not without hope. And while we may not know if it’s the green door house he’s ultimately calling us to, we believe and trust that God’s plan is best. We are calling one another to remember those truths.


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